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The Challenge.

The challenge for most corporations in South Africa is to focus on its core business. The South African and emerging African market presents fantastic opportunities provided they keep their eye on the ball. B-BBEE forms the latest legislation that requires all companies to attain an acceptable B-BBEE rating by advancing the inclusion of the indigenous population into the mainstream economy. This is truly a two-way Avenue since the South African economy has an incredible variety of latent entrepreneurial talent that needs to be harnessed. Enterprise development is a noble cause and also presents fantastic opportunities for companies who are able to navigate this legislation successfully.


It does however mean juggling another six balls in the air. This could be overwhelming to many companies that does not have trained staff to concentrate on this opportunity.

The Solution.

Katleho Projects consulting has devised detailed analytic tools to assess any company's current rating and to present proposed solutions to attain a lucrative BBB-EE rating. Although we assess all seven elements of the company’s B-BBEE status in conjunction with its current rating agency, we specialise in the area of enterprise development. We have a deep believe that enterprise development is the key to greater prosperity for all in South Africa. Creating jobs is a noble cause that any company can be proud to participate in. There are three essential elements to attaining this goal.

  1. the consulting and enabling company Katleho Projects
  2. the sponsor
  3. the corporation
  4. the SMP enterprise

We look forward to set up a free initial assessment of the potential that you could unleash through this process.

Commercial entrepreneurial projects
completed by Katleho

- South industrial TV repairs
- Extensive business consulting
- Passenger transport service
- Emali real investment company (ERIC)
- Group 10 investment company
- ESKOM collections vendor Nigel
- National property forum initiator
- Traders club Cape Town representative (share trading)
- Jeppestown liqueur market
- Asia’s take away
- Ennerdale Builders Hardware
- Cellphone bidding consortium
- estrablishment of Odebregt Brazil in SA
-  Fairview property mixed development
-  Trade to missions Turkey Iran Mexico Cuba

Construction Projects successfully completed:

-  200 middle income homes Ennerdale including section of bulk earthworks
-  Various individual new homes and refurbishments
-  Tsepisong secondary school
-  Tsepisong child welfare centre
-  Diepkloof police station
-  Diepkloof fire station
-  Pothchefstroom military base refurb
-  Landrost hotel conversion (JHB housing company)
-  Orange farm community centre
- Orange farm fire station
- Vlakfortein clinic Grasmere
-  Sapphire secondary school
- Soweto workshop for the blind
- Development bank of SA new auditorium and various extensions and roads
- Wanderers stadium new ablution blocks