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career summary

Hi-energy MBA graduate corporate business management executive with demonstrated accomplishments and 10+ years’ experience in entrepreneurial ventures and venture capital investments. Proven success in supplier enterprise development (SED). Mentoring of SME companies. Strategic SED project planning and execution. SME functional development in managerial finance, HR, compliance and operational systems such as ISO 2008. Project management of B-BEEE strategies and implementation. Successful tender acquisitions, strategic planning, quality control and corporate organisational development. Key executive management positions, ICT customer engineer, company CEO, operations project manager and director of investment companies. Accomplished in the establishment and growing of new businesses, financial management including budgeting and feasibility studies, training of staff, incorporating management process systems and investment analysis. Demonstrated results in business turnaround strategies. Successful completion of property development construction & ICT projects totaling more than 1 billion ZAR. Employed more than 300 direct employees, key account and project management in various sectors. Organising and motivating industry executives and other stakeholders in the establishment of sectorial organisations.

critical skill set

  • Contract management
  • Enterprise Development
  • Business Plans / Due Diligence
  • Business development           
  • Financial feasibilities
  • Conflict management
  • Process improvement
  • Strategic planning/implementation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Communication/sales
  • Market research
  • Legislation knowledge
  • Budget processing

professional employment history

OPERATIONS MANAGER / CEO                1995 – 2013      Katleho Projects,

Project management assignments, new ventures, business management consulting in SME enterprise development sector, government tenders, established and grew company operating in the construction and other sectors. Develop private housing on state owned and private land. Project managed diverse projects across the property and retail sectors. Projects include: establishing and management of electricity payment vendor outlet for ESKOM; builder’s supply store; small passenger transport fleet; liquor outlet, niche fast food takeaway; rental property development and management company; construction of public buildings, schools, medical facilities, police and fire stations. Established investment companies, serving various periods of directorship.


  1. Project manage corporate supplier enterprise development (ED)  projects.
  2. Mentoring of SME companies in diverse sectors.
  3. Due dilligence investigations in the corporate and SME sphere.
  4. Liaise with stakeholders on all levels for successful investments and projects.
  5. Design implement and monitor corporate and parastatal B-BEEE strategies.
  6. Review short medium and long-term objectives and implement appropriate plans.



GENERAL MANAGER / CEO          1989 – 1995                            Pleasant Homes

Responsible for the general management of a real estate company with property development and asset management divisions. Grow sales force from 2 to 18 estate agents. Implement a sustainable strategy to ensure a continuous pipeline for sales. Analyse competitor activities and re-position company strategy to ensure sustainable growth. Negotiate evaluate and manage tenant leases. Maintain cordial relationships with all leading banks and financial institutions. Manage bond referral business with banks. Establish the National property forum.

•           Identify and pursue new property development opportunities.

•           Negotiate terms with landlords and state institutions.

•           Network with council members and provincial staff.

•           Preparation of documents for municipal and provincial agencies.

•           Implement successful media communication strategies.

•           Manage team of construction professionals and marketing personnel.

•           Prepare project budgets recruit motivate and lead staff.


CUSTOMER ENGINEER / KEY ACC MANAGER  1978 – 1988 Telkom / Burroughs inc.

Manage the installations of telecommunication equipment for a region. Seconded as lecturer to the technician training institution, employed in the field of industrial electronics supplying switchgear to mining industry. Regional management of computer installations. Key account manager for large server installations with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

•           Customer liaison and satisfaction reports.

•           Network with government and corporate executives to enhance ICT solutions.

•           Design and solve problematic ICT installation issues.




Male                                                    Married                                   South African

Postal: Box 1656, Sun Valley, Cape Town, 798



Master of business Administration (MBA)               University of Cape Town (UCT)                                                      

Bachelor of commerce (B com)                                 UNISA (NC)

Professional registered project manager                   (SACPCMP)

National diploma (ICT)

Diploma advanced property practice




Telephone:  +27 82 6531116   or   +27 217864110  |  Facsimile:  +27 86 715943

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